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  • 5 Things to Know About September 30

    5 Things to Know About September 30

    How many things do you know about September 30th? What do you do to honour the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada? We are so excited to start the 4th season of the Warrior Kids Podcast! In this episode, we start the season off right by learning a new Mi’kmaw word and learning…

  • Protect Bald Eagles

    Protect Bald Eagles

    Have you ever heard the cry of an eagle in the movies? Did you know that it’s probably not an eagle at all? In today’s episode, we learn all about the Bald Eagle and why they are so important to our ecosystem and their significance to many Native cultures. We also hear short clip from…

  • Quiet Time

    Quiet Time

    Have you ever just sat in your room and enjoyed some quiet, alone time? In this episode, we talk about how important it is to take time to quiet our minds and breathe deeply. We also listened to a short clip from one of our favourite kids podcasts hosted by my friend Chanel called Peace…

  • We Are All Connected

    We Are All Connected

    Have you ever wondered how many relatives you have? In this episode, we learn more Mi’kmaw words about winter and hear a traditional story about how we are connected to all living things on Mother Earth. We also listened to a short clip from the Dorktales Storytime Podcast hosted by Jonathan Cormur, another member of…

  • Warrior Kids Podcast Trailer

    Warrior Kids Podcast Trailer

    Have you ever heard the Mi’kmaw story about the Boy and The Whale? What about the Inuit story all about Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull? Hi, my name is Pam Palmater. I am the producer and host of this show – the Warrior Kids Podcast. I’m a Mi’kmaw author and professor who has created this…

  • Boys Wear Braids

    Boys Wear Braids

    Did you know that some Indigenous boys and men wear braids? In this episode, we celebrate Native American History Month by talking to Indigenous basketball star Michael Linklater about his campaign – Boys With Braids – all about instilling pride in our Native cultures. Guest Michael Linklater, Thunderchild First Nation (Canada)

  • Thunders and the Mosquito

    Thunders and the Mosquito

    Did you know that Mi’kmaw History Month is in October? In this episode, we celebrate with a traditional Mi’kmaw story about the Thunders and the Mosquito. There are important lessons hidden in this story – can you find them?

  • Honour the Treaties

    Honour the Treaties

    Have you ever heard about treaties? Are there any treaties that cover the area you live in? In this episode, we learn what treaties are and how important it is to honour the treaties made with Indigenous Nations in Canada and the USA.

  • Truth and Reconciliation Day

    Truth and Reconciliation Day

    Did you know that Canada added a special new national holiday? In this episode, we learn about the new holiday that falls on September 30th and why it’s important we remember what happened to Indigenous children in Indian residential schools. There are some difficult issues covered in this episode, so parents and teachers should listen…

  • Introducing Ernie & Peter

    Introducing Ernie & Peter

    Have you ever owned a dog? What about a cat? Maybe some of you have fish? In this episode, we introduce some new members to our LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE: Ernie the English Bulldog and Peter the Boston Terrier! We also learn about the history and dogs and humans as companions and dealing with the loss…