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Don’t forget to ask your parents to send me your drawings and artwork so that I can feature it on my website! Our live studio audience also loves to receive artwork!!

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Please also ask your parents if you can send your stories about what you have done to live a warrior life and make the world better for others!!! Your parents can also me your questions and suggestions for what you would like to hear on this podcast!!

Teachers and Parents!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by the Warrior Kids Podcast!! We love hearing from all of our listeners – big and small!! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions that you may have about the podcast. It would be really great if you could help your children or students send their artwork and messages to us via the links above or via snail mail:

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For open access media; ethical advertising; earth-conscious sponsorships; and/or kid-friendly speaking/event inquiries, please contact me at:

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Our podcast is supported by Lara Pace, a certified Early Childhood Educator who specializes in working with children who have unique needs, aka superhero powers! She sometimes joins our live studio audience to keep him company.

It would be a really nice surprise for her to receive some of your artwork as well! (but don’t tell her I told you)

Welal’in! Thanks so much!!

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