5 Things to Know About September 30

5 things to know about September 30. Illustration of three smiling children jumping.

How many things do you know about September 30th? What do you do to honour the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada?

We are so excited to start the 4th season of the Warrior Kids Podcast! In this episode, we start the season off right by learning a new Mi’kmaw word and learning five things about September 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada!

Update (April 2, 2024)

Dear Warrior Kids, Parents & Teachers, I had to take a break from creating new content for the Warrior Kids Podcast given our presence at numerous film, media and art festivals; the extended major repairs on our home; the arrival of even more puppies, and the birth of my new grandson River! That being said, I am working on new episodes to complete Season 4 in 2024. I’ll be sure to post them when they are live!

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Pam Palmater

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