Welcome to the Warrior Kids Podcast! We are so happy that you are joining us!!

Pam Palmater smiling with an animal plush toy wearing a Warrior Kids Podcast t-shirt.

We are an interactive podcast that is a celebration of everything Indigenous! We want to share Indigenous cultures and values so that kids can learn about what it means to be strong, healthy and compassionate warriors for themselves, their families, communities and Nations.

This is a podcast for kids of all backgrounds! Our goal is to help educate Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids together, so they can help make the world a better place for everyone.

Our primary focus is on education for action! That means we take what we learn and put it into action to protect all living things on Turtle Island including humans, plants, animals, fish, birds and even creepy crawly insects!!

Please join us every week as we talk about everything Indigenous and share each other’s stories about what warrior kids are doing to protect our peoples and the planet.

Our podcast is recorded before a live studio audience.

Our Host

Pam Palmater is the host of Warrior Kids Podcast! She loves learning new things - especially the weird or unexplained. She always wanted to know if the Loch Ness Monster was real?!

Pam is super excited about her new Warrior Kids Podcast and can’t wait to hear from all of you about your questions and share your artwork online!!

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Pam holding a feather.

Pam is an Indigenous educator from Canada. She is a member of the Eel River Bar First Nation in New Brunswick, which is part of the larger Mi’kmaw Nation. She comes from a very large Mi’kmaw family that has always been noisy and loving.

Pam with her two sons standing in front of a tipi at a Pow Wow.

Native pow wows are one of Pam’s favorite cultural events because of all the drumming, singing and dancing, and the amazing handmade regalia worn by the dancers. Her favorite pow wow food is fry bread and jam which she thinks is the best food in the world – besides her mom’s cinnamon rolls.

Pam running a marathon and holding a medal.

Pam was always active in sports when she was a kid and she now enjoys running, biking and hiking!! She ran her first 15km race last fall and hopes to do it again this fall.

Live Studio Audience

Cricket lying down and posing for the camera.


Our podcast even has a “live” studio audience! Cricket was our very first studio audience member who was with the show for the first two seasons until he passed away. Cricket loved laying on his soft blanket and barking once in a while to make sure I stayed on track during the podcast!!

Ernie and Peter posing for the camera.

Ernie & Peter

In season 3, we introduced our new live studio audience: Ernie the English Bulldog and Peter the Boston Terrier. These two puppies sure keep things busy here and you can hear them barking and playing around in our podcasts from time to time!

Laura Pace with her dog.

Supported by

Our podcast is supported by Lara Pace, a certified Early Childhood Educator who specializes in working with children who have unique needs, aka superhero powers! She sometimes joins our live studio audience to keep them company.

It would be a really nice surprise for her to receive some of your artwork as well! (but don’t tell her I told you)